Our Quality

Our extensive procedures and policies ensure that the food and feed materials and pharmaceutical raw materials we produce meet all customer requirements and comply with all applicable legal regulations and our own quality standards.

This includes:

•    Controlled storage conditions for raw materials, intermediates and finished products
•    Controlled production facilities
•    Fully closed production system
•    Online measurements for important parameters
•    An in-house laboratory for optimal process management
•    Regular participation in unscheduled quality and safety assessments
•    Specific agreements with and intensive audits by A-brand customers

We work closely with our partners and service providers to ensure our quality and safety requirements are met throughout the supply chain.

For the purpose of continuous improvement of our quality management, we have regular internal and external audits carried out and we are certified according to ISO 9001 and FSCC 22000 standards.

In order to respect and fulfill customer wishes, our company also works under kosher and halal conditions and holds the required certifications.

Quality management

Viterra Botlek B.V. has received the certifications below as confirmation of the high quality of our products.

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